1. Fur Vest (Full Length)- 35 inches long
  2. Fur Vest (Short)- 25 inches long


100% Real Fur


The Siren fur vest is all you need to go from formal to casual without skipping a beat in style and without having to buy any other fur vest. Save money, reduce waste, and look fabulous doing it by investing in multi-purpose garments that are made to last!

The Siren

SKU: 09251703
Color: red
  • Dare to rage in red with the seasons hottest color and lush fur vest you'll be sure to get noticed! Not for the faint of heart.


    The Siren fur vest has 2 distinct, different modes, and functions that will take you from spring to winter in style.


    This fur vest has 1 removable module that allows you to transform this fur vest from long to short allowing you to wear this piece for a night out with its striking and luxurious length and the next morning transform it into a casual piece made for brunching by removing the length module.