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  1. Fur Coat- Full length 33 inches long
  2. Fur Coat- Shorter Sportier 25 inches long
  3. Fur Vest- Full length 33 inches long
  4. Fur Vest-Shorter Sportier 25 inches long


100% Real Fur


The Ice Queen is all you need to go from spring to winter without skipping a beat or buying any other fur garment. Save money, reduce waste, and look fabulous doing it by investing in multi-purpose garments that are made to last!

Ice Queen

SKU: 0923171
  • The Ice Queen is the ultimate fur coat with 4 different variations and 3 detachable modules allowing the coat to be worn as a long fur coat, shorter sportier fur coat, or a long and/or short vest.


    The Ice Queen has two different lengths long full-length, which is 34 inches and once the module is detached you have a shorter sportier fur coat, which is 25 inches long. 


    Sleeves are also detachable creating a long fur vest at 34 inches long or 25 inches with the removal of the length module.