1. Commitment to Customers & Customer Service

We believe that the only way for us to be successful at what we do is by providing our customers with the very best service, quality, and value. Anticipating and meeting our customer's needs is and always will be our first priority.

2. Quality

We provide high-quality women's outerwear that reduces waste, increases efficiency and an unsurpassed service and customer experience that, together, delivers a high value to our customers.

3. Integrity

We are committed to doing the right things at all times in all of our actions, on and off the field. To us, integrity means choosing thoughts and actions based on our values rather than personal gains. 

4. Teamwork

We focus on teamwork inside and outside of our offices and we do so because we believe together we can achieve more, do more, and be more for the benefit of our customers and our company. Going far means going together and we are shooting for the stars, so there is no I in this team aside from our CEOs name.

5. Respect

We respect our team, we respect our customers and even respect the super slow drivers in front of us on our morning commutes to the office even though it occasionally involves dropping the f-bomb a few hundred times. 

6. Good Global Citizenship

We are good citizens in the communities in which we live, work, travel to, and do business with. We understand there is a big, great, diverse world out there and that ultimately we are all one so we act accordingly. Hurting a fellow citizen means hurting ourselves and we're just not into all that!

7. A Will To Win

We did not come to lose and as long as we are faithful to numbers 1-6 we have a do whatever it takes attitude when it comes to winning in our personal and business lives. We understand this is NOT a dress rehearsal and treat our life and the opportunities it presents with great seriousness and gratitude.

8. Education & Personal Development 

We are committed to the education and personal development of all of our team members and believe in investing heavily into personal development since our company and product is only as great as the people we employ and help develop.


We believe that charity is not a duty but a joy and as a company, we are committed to being charitable in our homes, communities, and causes that we are passionate about. We also understand that charity is more than the occasionally monetary donation. As a company, we are committed to seeking out unique opportunities to help our neighbors literal and figurative in our daily lives and encourage all those on our team and with whom we are partnered to do the same.


A portion of all earnings generated from MOD+FURS will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund. If you would like to learn more about this amazing organization and its efforts, please visit worldwildlife.org

Our mission is to reduce waste, increase efficiency and usability without sacrificing quality, high style,
glamour, and individuality!