Irina Michal Goldstein

MOD+FURS is the brainchild of the brand's founder Irina Michal Goldstein. Ms. Goldstein is an avid lover of fashion, glamour, and the high life but by nature, Ms. Goldstein is a creature of comfort and practicality. In all her business ventures and daily dealings, she’s searching for ways to make her life, her ventures and everything she does more efficient and practical believing that true genius can be found in simplicity.


Just as with all her other ventures, Ms. Goldstein seeks to make high fashion and more specifically fur outerwear not only more accessible to the masses but more practical and environmentally friendly helping reduce textile waste and the amount of fur used with the introduction of modular furs that have also been referred to as transformer furs.


Simply put modular furs are fur coats, parkas, vests etc., which are made up of different pieces aka segments that can be added and or removed to modify the function of the garment.


For instance, a long luxurious fur coat can be transformed into a shorter more casual sportier fur coat and or fur vest which can then be transformed into a long or short fur vest for everyday wear.


With MOD+FURS Ms. Goldstein has been able to transform the staple glamorous fur coat that while a high-ticket item could have only been worn on a handful of formal and semi-formal occasions in one standard form into a garment that not only transcends form, but also seasons and the many moods and desires of today's women.


With MOD+FURS new collection the once single purpose fur coat takes on many forms and provides its owner with versatility that more closely resembles her life and vast needs.


In a recent interview, Ms. Goldstein had the following to say "fur has been such an impractical luxury up until now that many have avoided it outside of the super-rich and famous. Just like the unicorns that wear our line, I believe that our clothes shouldn't fit into any molds. I am all about celebrating diversity in all its forms and think we should all dare to celebrate the many sides of us with fur coats and brands that understand and honor our differences, our needs and can help us stand out without breaking the bank.

I’m not looking to fit into any boxes and molds here. I'm also not willing to pay a fortune to stand out and or to have it “all” so to speak and don’t think our customers should either. I'm all about smart consumerism and seeking out to maximize purposefulness especially when it comes to luxury items.


I think it's a far better use of our resources to buy products that have a long shelf life and are multi-purpose. This is especially true when it comes to a commodity such as a fur, which already is somewhat of a sensitive subject for animal activists.


Owning one fur coat that replaces the need for at least 3 or in some cases 5 different kinds of fur garments is a win-win for all involved.

I love animals, I support animal charities, but that doesn't stop me from loving the feeling that I get when I wear my fur coat, so to know that I can use the same coat across several seasons and in any setting increasing the coats usability provides me with a piece of mind."


The new limited release collection from MOD+FURS consists primarily of trendy fur parkas, luxurious fur coats, and fur vests all of which can be transformed and or slightly modified to take on a different form.


A full product launch is set for FALL 2018 with a Spring 2018 debut consisting of one-of-a-kind art pieces to benefit some great causes!